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Sl.No. Letter Number Date Notification File
113/Ni-Vividh Flat-Nibandhan-01/2020-426/Ni 02/09/2020 VERIFICATION OF LAND DOCUMENT BEFORE REGISTRY
213/Ni-Vividh Flat-Nibandhan-01/2020-424/Ni 01/09/2020 FLAT TO BE REGISTERED ON SUPER BUILT UP AREA
313/Ni(Mudrank) Adhisansodhan-01/2018-419/Ni 28/08/2020 Online Payment of Stamp Duty for Documents Which Are Not To Be Registered
413/NiBi(stamp)19/2020-408/Ni 24/08/2020 Regarding Termination of Authorization of SHCIL for Selling of e-Stamp
513/NiBi(Payment)-33/18-406/Ni 21/08/2020 Notification Regarding Refund of Registration Fee
7NiBi/Vividh-15/2020-335/Ni 22/07/2020 Online Verification of Khatiyan & Register 2 etc from JharBhoomi Website
8280/Ni 24/06/2020 Rules Regarding Online Payment of Stamp Duty
9NiBi/Vividh/34/2018-237/Ni 27/05/2020 Registration Of Lease Deed
10NiBi(CourtFee)/09/2020/224/Ni 18/05/2020 Notification Regarding e-Stamping of Court Fee
11NiBi/Vividh/34/2018-224/Ni 15/05/2020 Compulsory Registration Of Lease
12NiBi/86/16/222/Ni 15/05/2020 Regarding Opening Registry Office by Maintaining Social Distance
13NiBi/13/2017/220/Ni 15/05/2020 Regarding Revoking Female Rebate
14NiBi/Vividh/23/17/79/Ni 03/02/2020 Stamp Duty on Share Transactions
15NiBi/NigativeList/10-17/585/Ni 10/10/2019 Regarding Removing Plot From Ristricted List
16NiBi/01-2019/306-Ni 11/06/2019 Notification Regarding Registration Fee and Stamp Duty on Partition Deed
17NiBi/EODB-52/17/178-Ni 28/03/2019 Notification Regarding Objection in Society/Firm Registration Within 7 Working Days
18LG/25/2017-182-Lig 03/12/2018 Notification Regarding e-Payment of Court Fee
19NiBi/CircleRate/27/2018-643/Ni 06/10/2018 Revision of Valuation in Urban and Rural Area
20NiBi/27/2018-624-Ni 28/09/2018 Posponding Circle Rate Revision for Another Month
21NiBi/1018/14-621-Ni 27/09/2018 Notification Regarding Verification of PAN
22NiBi/Vividh/69/16-536/Ni 09/08/2018 Committee Under D.C for e-Nibandhan & Supply for Hardware/Computer Operator etc.
23NiBi/Vividh/02/16-527/Ni 03/08/2018 Notification Regarding Service is to be Given when Aadhaar is not Available
24NiBi/CircleRate/27/2018-314/Ni 31/07/2018 Regarding Extending the Revision of Minimum Value of Two Months
25NiBi/Vividh/02/16-506/Ni 27/07/2018 The Description of Aadhaar Numbers in the Document submitted for Registration and Pre-Registration will be Desirable.
2613/Nib/Stamp/02/2017-929/Nib 30/11/2017 Notification Regarding Joing Sale Deed Registration Fee/ Stamp Duty for Lower Income Group
2713/Nib/Stamp/02/2017-930/Nib 30/11/2017 Notification Regarding Joint Development Agreement Registratioin Fee for Lower Income Group
28NiBi/30/2017/884/Ni 09/11/2017 Notification Regarding Page Number and Volume Number of Register-II
29NiBi/30/2017/884/Ni 09/11/2017 Notification Regarding Description of Volume Number and Page Number during Presentation of Deed
30NiBi/Vividh/21/2017-855/Ni 31/10/2017 Exemptions from Stamp Duty Under SARFAESI Act
31NiBi/EODB/11-2017/846 20/10/2017 Notification Regarding Online Presentation of Documents for Registration
3213/NiBi(Vividh)-21/2017 19/10/2017 Exemption of Stamp Duty Under SARFAESI Act,2002
33NiBi/Digitization 83/2016_844 18/10/2017 Regarding Rectification
34SGA/01-05/2013-10605 13/10/2017 Time Limit For Deed Registration Under Service Gurantee Act 2011
35SGA/01-05/2013-10567 13/10/2017 Time Limit For Society/Firm Registration Under Service Gurantee Act 2011
36Nib/NigativeList 10/17/833/Ni 12/10/2017 Letter for Sending Forest Land List with Signature of DC+DFO
37Ni/R/52/2016-4315 23/08/2017 Notification Regarding Clerks of Registration Office
38Nibi/57/15/674/Ni 10/08/2017 Notification Regarding e-Gras
3913/Nibi/2020/EODB-11/2017/596/Ni 20/07/2017 Regarding Online Presentation of Deeds from 1st August 2017
4013/NiBi/18/17-587/Nib 17/07/2017 Regarding Exemption of Stamp Duty on Loan Agreement for Self Help Group
4113/Nib/13/2017 Att-499/Nib 19/06/2017 Notification Regarding Stamp Fee Exemption for Female
4213/Nib/13/2017 Att-500/Nib 19/06/2017 Notification Regarding Registration Fee Exemption for Female
43LG/15/2016-29 13/02/2017 Regarding Revoking Section 20 of Court Fee Act 1870
44NiBi/Vividh/02/16-75/Ni 31/01/2017 Notification Regarding Aadhaar Authentication
45SS/15-Ni(VV)Janavedan-04/16 21/09/2016 Notification Regarding Fraudaulant Registration
46Nib/1026/2014-3944 14/07/2016 Time Limit for Registration of Society and Firm under Jharkhand Rajya Sewa Gurantee Adhiniyam 2011
47Att/621 15/06/2016 None Registration of Ristricted Land
48Ni-04/16-217 27/02/2016 Notification Regarding delivering the deed on the day of Registration
49Ni-CourtCase-13/15-216 27/02/2016 Letter No-216, 27-02-2016 Sub-Strict Compliance of Notification No-195, 19-02-2016
50NiBi/34/15/198 23/02/2016 Notification Regarding Registration Fee Amendment
51NiBi-CourtCase/13/15/195 19/02/2016 Notification Regarding Khatiyan and survey Map
52Ni-CourtCase-13/15/195 19/02/2016 Notification Regarding Identification of Land through Register-II, LPC and Correction Slip
53NiBi-22/15/1418 24/11/2015 Notification Regarding Developement Agreement
54NiBi-11/14/1337 28/10/2015 Notification Regarding Equitable Mortgage
55NiBi-46/15/1336 28/10/2015 Amendment in Minimum Valuation Rules 2015
56Att/1337 28/10/2015 Notification Regarding Equitable Mortgage
57NiBi-46/15/1132 26/08/2015 Notification Regarding Non Registration of Government Land
58NiBi-CourtCase-13/15/1023 05/08/2015 Guidline To The Registering officers Regarding Registering deed
59Nibi/1026/14/824 26/12/2014 Regarding Online Application of Society/Firm Registration
60NiBi-1020/14/1302 28/10/2014 Notification Regarding Giving Licence to Deed Writers_Stamp Vendors for doing online work
61NiBi-10171/09/1319 10/10/2014 Order Regarding Refund of Fee Paid by Payment Gateway
62NiBi/1303 08/10/2014 Notificaton Regarding Change in search fee & cash handling charge
63NiBi/1309/ 08/10/2014 Table of Fee
64Att/1123 27/08/2014 Order Regarding Refund of e-Stamp
65NiBi/1026/14/585/Ni 28/05/2014 Regarding Online Registration Of Society and Firm
66Att/656 26/06/2012 Notification Regarding Excemption of Fee for Deed Relating to Bank Mortage
67NiBi/1015/09-13/39 30/09/2009 Valuation of Land upto 8 Decimal is to be Charged as Residential Land
688/494 20/02/2009 Exemption of stamp & registration fee on Co-operative Deed
69NiSt/3012-06/1275 19/12/2007 Notification Regarding Strength Of Cleark
70R-3017/83-883 24/05/1984 Letter Regarding Excemption of Stamp Duty & Registration Fee on Deed Executed on Behalf of Government

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