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Ceiling Act is now not in practice from 2008


NA Fee is not applicable now


In place of NA, SP fee is applicable


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This portal is intended to provide various utility services related with the different functions of the Registration Department and registry processes like- Online Application for Deed Registration, online fee payment, online Search ,online Registration of Society/ Firm Checking Minimum Valuation of Land ,list of Stamp and Registration fee and to give information about various Acts/ Rules, Notification, Circular of dept.


Stamp Calculator

:: ::Stamp Calculator:: Click to calculate the stamp duty online for a particular land and specific area for any location of the Jharkhand
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Objection Lands

:: :: Objectionable Lands Search There are many lands which can not be sold or transferred due to some reasons. To search lands under this category
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Registration Process

:: ::Registration Process Know about the steps and requirements of the registration process of different types of deeds
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Registration Process

:: ::Registration Search Search deeds or non-encumbrance  certificates or certified copies.
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                  DIGITAL LOCKER MIS new                   SOCIETY/FIRM MIS new
Society and Firm Certificates and Registered Deeds will be uploaded to the respective Digital Locker linked with Aadhaar Number, w.e.f 01.06.2016 new

Online Court Fee Payment, w.e.f 10.06.2016 new